ETI Research's Innovative Audio Solutions

ETI Research products emerge consistently from competitor and class comparisons with a reputation for the best music reproduction. Creation and development of each product takes years of science and engineering. From the traditional to the eccentric, no concept or idea escapes our design and evaluation processes.

Every detail in a system makes a difference. Passionately believing this and knowing that our customers enjoy the benefits of high-performance audio motivates us to maintain our standards and continue pushing beyond the boundaries. When you desire simply the most superb audio quality available, you must demand ETI-Research components.

ETI Research's Design Philosophy

In every product design ETI-Research strives for innovation that attains superior audio performance. The basic areas of connector design we evaluate are:


At ETI-Research, everything is calculated and engineered to streamline the flow of electrons in beautiful symmetry.


The optimum mass is targeted to avoid skin effect, but also to ensure the full frequency range is available to be heard.


Strength, reliability and minimising the EMF effect of the structure on the signal are key attributes of ETI-Research audio connectors.


ETI-Research does not compromise on quality, exclusively using nothing less than Copper and Silver throughout production.